DeKort Pumps has been in business for over 35 years. We started out as a provider of industrial pumps and building services, managing their installation and repair. Our services have vastly expanded since then. While we certainly still provide those important services, these days we specialise in the design and construction of pumps systems, water and waste water harvesting, and purification processes of water and waste water for municipal essential services and industrial processes.

Dekort Pumps is unique in that we oversee the whole process of a job, from beginning to end. With a solid background in heavy industry, professional engineers, as well as extraordinarily skilled tradesman, we are very well-suited to understanding your specific requirements, and be able to assist both in all aspects of establishing new assets, and getting the best out of those assets that you might already have in service.

During 2020, Dekort Pumps achieved ISO-45001 certification on Occupational Health and Safety management systems, to remain committed to the safety of our workers and the success of our customers’ projects and business.

We at Dekort Pumps operate with an active moral, OHS focus and environmental conscience.

We set out at all times to comply with EPA standards and design with energy conservation in mind. We believe that our interest is best serviced by looking after your interests, and that providing good value for money is far more important than providing the least possible cost. We see our customers as our long term partners with whom we can share mutual respect and confidence. Our experience and expertise allow us to maximize the efficiency of a water system, which is not only good for the environment, but also for our customers’ pockets.

Dekort Pumps is synonymous with quality and service in the waste water, water treatment, and water pumping industries. With an environmental conscience, we are leading the way into the future of Municipal and Industrial pumping systems and services.

Dekort Pumps is based in Wodonga where we have a modern and well equipped workshop. From that base we provide services throughout much of regional Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT.

Some of Our Clients Include: