24 Emergency Support

Call us right away! things always tend to break at the worst possible time, we offer 24 hour emergency support, and will have a skilled workforce there and the problem resolved as quickly as possible.

Experienced Company

DeKort Pumps has been in business for over 30 years. We started out as a provider of industrial pumps and building services, managing their installation and repair.

Step above and beyond

Dekort Pumps is unique in that we design and construct tailor-made pumping and environmental systems specific to your needs and oversee the whole process of a job,from beginning to end.

Environmentally conscious.

We at Dekort Pumps operate with an active moral and environmental conscience: We set out at all times to comply with EPA standards and designed with energy conservation in mind.

Qualified Tradesmen

Our tradesmen are fully licensed: DOGMAN. Elevated work platforms. High risk activity. High voltage operations Electrical license. Confined spaces. Forklift and heavy vehicle. Senior First Aid.